Rheostats & Elec Meters

Insulator tube, wound with oxidised Eureka wire and mounted on metal frame with perforated cover, is provided withg laminated brush contacts of phosphor bronze strip, nickel plated rod and 4 mm socket terminals. Can be used as series resistance or potential divider.
Available in various ohm and ampere ranges.

The meter can be used for demonstration of A.C or D.C. ammeter or voltmeter with different interchangeable scales. A magnetically damped, spring-controlled moving coil movement with a pointer, housed in a plastic case with glass front and rear panels enable all working parts to be clearly seen. With a pair of 4mm socket terminals and side zero adjustment control. The scales, 200mm long (approx.) are boldly marked and figured on both sides. Each scale is fitted through a slot in the side of the case and has a plug connector which also serves to locate and align the scale positively in position. Basic sensitivity of the meter is 5mA, 100mV F.S.D. Without scale. Accuracy: ± 2.5% F.S.D.


  Range D.C. Current   Range A.C. Current
-01 2.5-0-2.5mA -11 0-10mA
-02 0-10mA -12 0-50mA
-03 0-100mA -13 0-100mA
-04 0-500mA -14 0-500mA
-05 0-1A -15 0-1A
-06 0-5A -16 0-10A
  Range A.C. Voltage   Range D.C. Voltage
-07 5-0-5V -17 0-5V
-08 0-5V -18 0-10V
-09 0-10V -19 0-50V
-10 0-300V -20 0-300V

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