Microscopes & Accessories
P-0224 Sub-Stage Illuminator  

Light alloy vented housing fitted with glass blue filter. 220V, 15W bulb. Suitable for Student Microscope.

P-0212 Eyepieces  

Huygenian and widefield designs 10X and 15X, 23mm O.D.
P-0214 Objectives
Achromatic objectives, 4X/0.10, 10X/0.25, 40X/0.65 (Retractable), 10X/1.25 (Retractable) oil immersion. Available both in bright chrome and dull black finishes.


P-221 Mechanical Stage  
Horizontal movement 70mm and vertical movement 30mm by rack and pinion. Both scales are graduated and read by verniers.
P-0229 Micro-photography Attachment   
Suitable for 25mm diameter eyepiece tube for attaching 35mm camera.
P-0230 T-Mount  Adapters  
One end fits into Micro- photography attachment and other end into 35mm camera. Available for Pentax, Nikon, Canon and Mintola.
P-0237 Hand Microtome  

Sample to be sectioned is supported in styropith or other material and placed in a central well. Turning a milled knob at the base of the microtome raises the sample and sections as thin as 20 microns can be cut from top using razor. The fine pitch screw has 20mm overall travel. Top diameter 63mm and well diameter 18mm.

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